Self-Healing & Empowerment at Your Fingertips

4-Week Course

Did you ever wish healing yourself was easier?

Do you wonder why you keep engaging in the same destructive patterns, or relationships, or thoughts, over and over again?

Do you ask yourself:

Why do I keep choosing the same partner – different face?
Why am I still poor?
Why am I still sick?

Imagine if there was a self-healing technique you could use whenever you wanted to:

  • Release anxiety and down-regulate your nervous system
  • Stop re-hashing the same thoughts or aggravation again and again
  • Dialogue with your body to find out the meaning or message of a symptom
  • Stop torturing yourself with repetitive, or escalating painful emotions
  • Release a belief or mental block that is sabotaging your relationships, or finances, or art
  • Free yourself from trauma-based beliefs, patterns or sabotage
  • Relieve physical pain or illness

I created this Lazer Tapping course because for years I looked for a course or workshop to refer my friends and readers to… a way to access this super powerful mind/body healing technique for themselves. Without having to pay a therapist $150 every single time they needed help. And I never could find that course. So I created it.

Release yourself into freedom
Become even more of your real/true self

How can Lazer Tapping help me?


Yes please, I’d like to try Lazer Tapping for myself!

Please send me my FREE SESSION so I can tap along and see what this feels like.

“I just completed the initial first free session. The most interesting thing I noticed is that my resting heart rate was 54 afterwards. My resting heart rate is always high averaging 68-83. I can get it in the low 60’s with deep breathing or yoga but I’ve never seen it in the 50’s. So YAY!” – Sarah P.

A Simplified Tapping Technique

After a 10-session package with an EFT Tapping therapist changed my life, I took the practitioner training for EFT Tapping back in 2010. I then tapped myself into wholeness every day for 2 solid years, as I had so much stuff (emotional, spiritual, physical, psychological) to clear. I had an abusive childhood, had to flee 2 countries due to political strife, and healed myself of a supposedly incurable disease.

I had already spent $55K on every healing modality you can imagine and discovered that the only therapies that created lasting, long-term change were those that integrated the mind/body/spirit. Therapies like somato-based craniosacral, hypnotherapy, matrix reimprinting, somato-based counseling and acupressure-based tapping.

The therapy that I use the most – because it’s the quickest, easiest and super effective – is acupressure tapping (TFT Tapping, EFT, Lazer Tapping, etc).

I created my own greatly simplified technique, combined with accessing the wisdom of the body itself; the actual consciousness of the cells and tissues of the body. Because it is so specific and laser-focused, I call my acupressure tapping technique – Lazer Tapping – and that’s what this course will teach you.

FEEL your emotions, put them into FLOW

Let’s heal the pain & trauma that’s underneath the emotions

Re-connect with your body & suppressed emotions.

Transform negative thoughts into positive feelings!

Lazer Tapping calms me down,
and brings me back to my normal
self. If I’m super stressed and I
tap. it all goes away.

The Benefits of Lazer Tapping

Access Your Subconscious

Dialogue with your subconscious; that hidden part of your brain that controls most of your thoughts and actions. Get clarity and shift stuck patterns or saboteurs.

Tap into Your Body Wisdom

Access the memories and wisdom stored in your cells and tissues. Access the power of your 2nd brain (your gut!) to heal yourself.

Flow your Emotion

Tap into hidden or stuck emotions – find out who’s driving your bus! Bring those emotions into the light of love and possibility. Feel them, flow them & release them.

Heal Your Body

Use the power of your nervous system, energy body and somatic wisdom to release symptoms, pain, and fear from your physical body.

Align Your Soul

Receive the messages from your body, clear blocks and saboteurs from your subconscious, accept and flow your emotions for integrated mind/body/spirit wholeness.

Calm Your Nervous System

Use your subconscious and energy body to down-regulate your nervous system; relieving anxiety, releasing tension, relaxing and softening.

Are you stuck in the same old cycles of sabotage, depression, lack of motivation or commitment?
Release yourself into freedom and tap your way to a more joyful, meaningful, love-filled life.

Yes please, I’d like to try Lazer Tapping for myself!

Please send me my FREE SESSION so I can tap along and see what this feels like.

Surrogate Tapping for Animals?

I have also used Lazer Tapping extensively with my own 3 children, my dogs, cats, and horses! YES, because this is an energy-based technique, you can surrogate-tap for animals or babies/children.

This tapping exercise is so perfect, and helpful for my horse who eats like a lawnmower, carrying too much weight causing the usual worries for his health, esp. as spring has arrived here in Virginia. I’m excited to know I can help him in this way. I also benefit by doing it I sense. Thank you so very much.” – Terry G.

Jini Patel Thompson doing a Lazer Tapping session with her horse Cobra

You can Lazer Tap on behalf of others (loved ones, babies, animals) because we are all linked energetically to each other, to the earth, the trees – at the energetic level we are all part of the same matrix. And as the comment above shows, when you tap for others, you also share in the benefits!

When we tap on the acupuncture points, or meridian channels, we are accessing our energetic body/self. Not only can we link energetically to others (if we wish), we can use our energy body as a way to interface and effect shift in our physical and/or emotional body.

Indeed, many healers and shamans assert that all dis-ease begins first in the emotional or energy body and then is expressed through the physical body. In my own healing journey, I’ve come to align with an aboriginal belief that the spirit (or higher self) tries to speak to us, but if we don’t listen, then the spirit uses our physical body to send us the message. Because it is much harder to ignore pain, discomfort, malfunction, danger in our physical body, than it is to ignore intuition, gut feeling, or signs and symbols.

Once you get fluent in Lazer Tapping you will be AMAZED at this powerful healing tool you now have at your fingertips! Literally

The body is the densest part of
the soul. The body IS the

I use it as an adjunct to prayer, or rather, tapping becomes prayer. I start with the tapping points and then I bring the divine into it.

Your Lazer Tapping Guides and Mentors

I’ve brought in a wonderful teacher, full-time therapist and workshop leader (Jenny) to guide you through the Lazer Tapping program tutorials. And then I (Jini) provide the tap-along therapy sessions, surrogate sessions, and the manual. Here’s a little bit more about us…

Jini Patel Thompson is an international bestselling author (Listen To Your Gut) on natural healing for digestive diseases. She’s appeared on numerous TV, podcast, and radio shows, giving people hope and vision for how they can heal their gut, using entirely natural methods.

Jennifer (Jenny) Andrews is a powerful intuitive with a degree in Herbal Medicine, along with certifications in EFT Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnotherapy and Family Systems counseling. She conducts private sessions for clients and facilitates various workshops and retreats throughout Europe.

*Remember this course isn’t just about online, digital training. Jenny and I also host LIVE tapping support sessions for you in a Private Facebook Group twice a month. One full year of membership in the Private Group is included in your Lazer Tapping course.

You can also ask your questions, share your stories, and receive support from a like-minded community.

“As the tapping session continued, I could feel the energetic reunion taking place inside me between my spiritual self and my physical self. It was so emotional. It was like being reunited with your family after decades of losing sight of them, not knowing if they were still alive or not. I felt an indescribable relief and emotional overwhelm (in a good way) as well as a sense of “everything will be ok now that we are whole.”

Inside the Lazer Tapping Process

When a memory, experience, physical event, bodily symptom, or issue comes up that needs to be healed, or resolved – or it’s bugging you, but you don’t know why – that’s the time for some Lazer Tapping! This 4-step process interfaces with ALL the levels of Self – mind/body/spirit:

Step 1 – Outline the Issue

This is where you come up with a dialogue or collection of statements that break down the belief, or difficulty, or situation, or emotional issue you are dealing with.

Step 2 – Tap it Through ~ Vent!

Using your info from Step 1, you tap through the points allowing your emotions to move into flow. Watch as other feelings, thoughts or physical sensations arise – keep tapping.

Step 2 – Tap it Through ~ Vent!

Using your info from Step 1, you tap through the points allowing your emotions to move into flow. Watch as other feelings, thoughts or physical sensations arise – keep tapping.

Step 3 – Go Into the Physical Body

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now that you’ve got everything moving, flowing and you’re more IN the issue and also in your energy body, ask yourself: IF this [issue/problem/emotion] were located somewhere in my physical body, where would it be? Describe what you see/feel (make it up! pretend/imagine it) and then tap it through the points.

Step 4 – Open to New Possibilities

Now you’re ready to suggest other possibilities, or more positive ways of being, in relation to this issue as you continue to tap on the acupressure points. Tip-toe round the subconscious! When tapping through these positive, expansive alternatives, make sure to use very gentle suggestions: I wonder if I could… Maybe just maybe I might… Perhaps there is the tiniest possibility I could.

Step 4 – Open to New Possibilities

Now you’re ready to suggest other possibilities, or more positive ways of being, in relation to this issue as you continue to tap on the acupressure points. Tip-toe round the subconscious! When tapping through these positive, expansive alternatives, make sure to use very gentle suggestions: I wonder if I could… Maybe just maybe I might… Perhaps there is the tiniest possibility I could.

Lazer Tapping can effect profound change in the emotional, energetic and physical body.

The video tutorials give you detailed instruction and take you through a hands-on learning process – so don’t worry if it’s hard to understand everything at this point. Lazer Tapping really needs to be seen/experienced to be understood.

You’ll Receive in This Powerful Training

When you order today you’ll get Full Access
to the following instructional training videos,
audios, and PDF manual:

Five core online Lazer Tapping training videos

Detailed Lazer Tapping Manual

Bi-Weekly LIVE Tapping Support and Q&A sessions with Jini or Jenny for one year

Ten Video Tapping Therapy Sessions you can tap-along with, to increase your fluency & become even more of your real/true self

Audio Tapping Sessions you can download and tap-along with anywhere

Surrogate Tapping Session Videos – tap-along for your pets and clear common issues

Guided meditation to help you relax and connect with your body & feelings

Surrogate Tapping for Animals Tutorial with Jini Patel Thompson

Lazer Tapping Cheat Sheet

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation with Jini Patel Thompson to help you relax and connect with your true feelings, or the messages your body is sending you. If you begin a Lazer Tapping session, but you’re finding it hard to know what you’re feeling, this quick guided meditation can help you out.

Animal Surrogate Tapping Session with Jini Patel Thompson

Join Jini as she teaches Kesia Nagata how to tap on behalf of her wolf-dog Louka. You will not only get to see how surrogate tapping works, you will also increase your Lazer Tapping skillset as you see how Jini coaches Kesia through the technique.

Lazer Tapping Short Sheet

Easy to use, at-a-glance, 1-page cheat sheet of the Lazer Tapping 4-step sequence. Keep it on your phone, iPad or computer, or print it out for easy reference

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I unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with the Lazer Tapping course for one year when purchased via our website. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply email us with your receipt for a full refund.

Jini Patel Thompson, Creator of Lazer Tapping

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on how much you practice and also how skilled you are at accessing your feelings, or following your intuition. If you can tap every day for a week (use your Cheat Sheet for easy access!) you should be well on your way.

If you are already a licensed therapist in some other modality, this is a great tool to add to your existing toolkit. If you do not have training in how to deal with PTSD reactions or panic attacks, you should not attempt to work with other people.

It’s best if people learn how to tap for themselves, then they are in control of how deep and how fast they want to go and they won’t risk a violent or overwhelming abreaction.

Surrogate tapping is a great option as the other person’s (or animal’s) energy field won’t let you in if what you’re doing is not appropriate or beneficial. So it has a built-in safety mechanism.

I have my Practitioner Certification in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the difference between the two methods is that the EFT training includes a lot of prep for dealing with extreme trauma (ab reactions) – which I have actually never encountered in over a decade of tapping for family, friends, animals.

The other big difference is the progression or order of steps. In Lazer Tapping, we do more specific ‘venting’ in order to get all the emotions into flow. Depending upon your EFT instructor, some will only tap on generalized emotions and not pay much attention to them – the focus seems to be more on “getting rid of” the emotions.

I’ve found this is not optimal because our feelings are very valuable to our process, our experience of being human, and the pathway to wholeness. So in Lazer Tapping we want to first feel all our feelings (within a safe, protected container so we don’t get overwhelmed). Once we have acknowledged, felt and put all our emotions into flow, then we can dance with them and transform them into understanding and healing.

The other key difference is the technique I use in Lazer Tapping for going into the physical body itself – the very cells and tissues – to release the trauma from the physical body, not just from the psychological and emotional bodies. Some EFT training includes a similar technique, but some does not – it just depends on the instructor.

I believe – because I have simplified and laser-focused the technique – that it takes less time to become fluent/effective in Lazer Tapping. I have also included over 10 powerful video sessions (where I guide you to tap-along with me) which not only increases your fluency with the technique, but are also very effective at clearing core issues that most people struggle with. So you get training in how to do Lazer Tapping for yourself, but you also get 10+ full tapping sessions with a practitioner included.

If you can access the Internet, you can access the course. The Lazer Tapping membership portal runs on a website with a simple LOGIN button to gain access. After purchase, you’ll be emailed instructions for how to Login and set your password.

You can reach us Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST


phone: 1.888.866.7745 (toll-free) or 1.360.305.3245

Your free bonuses are all available inside your membership area. You will be sent an email after purchase with instructions on how to Login to the membership portal at: Simply login to your account to access all the bonuses and the course materials. Email or phone us if you have any trouble:


phone: 1.888.866.7745 (toll-free) or 1.360.305.3245

Jini and Jenny will hold live tapping support and Q&A sessions twice a month, on the Lazer Tapping Private Facebook Group. After purchasing the course, you’ll be emailed the link to the group and can Request To Join. We will confirm your membership and approve your request within 24 hours (during business days). Times/dates of the live support sessions will be posted in the Group. And you can also ask questions during the live session, or post them in the group at any time. It’s a great community of support!

Absolutely! You can share your login with your immediate family (up to 5 family members) and you can share all the Bonuses too.

We recommend Safari or Firefox for Mac users and Google Chrome for PC users (with a second choice of Firefox). We do not recommend using Internet Explorer—but if you must, please use the highest version available.

Yes we do. We have healing facilitators, bodywork therapists, life coaches, business coaches, EFT Practitioners, and many other people who want their clients or followers to experience the benefits of Lazer Tapping; which they can do wherever and whenever they need it. Click here for the details.

Yes please, I’d like to try Lazer Tapping for myself!

Please send me my FREE SESSION so I can tap along and see what this feels like.