Enjoy your complimentary Lazer Tapping session!

If you feel tired afterwards, please allow yourself to rest and take some time to process. A Lazer Tapping session can feel so ‘right’ or natural that you may not even notice the shift afterwards. But in the next week or two, your friends or family may notice that you’ve changed.

You may find yourself thinking about things differently, or automatically responding differently. Or you may just experience a change in energy levels.

*Before you start: Give your ability to set healthy boundaries, or say No, an intensity rating from 1-10. Where 10 is you feel able to easily set a strong healthy boundary (that you never regret, that doesn’t affect your health or happiness). And 1 is you feel absolutely unable to say no to anyone, anytime. Where would you rate yourself right now? Write that number down.

At the end of the session, you can rate yourself again and see if/how it’s shifted.

*Note: This session is 30 minutes long, make sure you have enough time to do the whole session – don’t quit part-way through.

Remember to give yourself another intensity rating at the end of the video to see if your feelings about yourself have shifted.

Did you enjoy that session? Want to experience more?

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Lazer Tapping Self-Healing Technique

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Jini Patel Thompson, Creator of Lazer Tapping